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My First Week at BOF

Friday, 28 July, 2017

As BOF’s newest addition to the Design and Marketing Team we wanted to introduce you to Megan, our newest Graphic Designer.


My first day started with an introductory walk around the office to meet all of the team. I have since spent the rest of the week trying (and failing) to remember everyone’s names!

My first design brief was a fun one but as I’ve now learnt, it is going to be a big task – creating POS swing tags for every item in our showroom. The photo below shows a prototype modelled on the ‘About a Lounge’ chair – one of my favourite pieces in the HAY range and a new addition to the BOF showroom this month.


Throughout the week I’ve also been working on a design proposal for a client wanting to ‘bring the outdoors, indoors’. The document collates the 3D visuals from our Designers combined with glossy in situ photos of the chosen furniture ranges so the client can clearly envisage what their proposed new space will look like. The picture below shows one of the pages from the proposal to show the ‘On Point’ table designed by Offecct. It houses a plant which can improve air quality, while also having charging sockets, perfect for the public environment it will be in. I’m looking forward to seeing the first project I’ve worked on develop with the client and hopefully come to life!


Mid-week saw me posing for a staff photo for the ‘Meet the Team’ section of the website. My chair of choice was the ILK Lounge chair from Frövi, a British furniture manufacturer influenced by Nordic style. There was plenty of lovely pieces to choose from in our showroom but I loved the ILK’s combination of mustard coloured fabric and solid oak legs.


Later in the week I started a social media audit to see what ideas I’d like to bring to liven up the social content. This subject brought about a team debate about how to how to pronounce gif. It’s safe to say the debate wasn’t settled – we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one!


We have something exciting planned for our social media next week so be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date with what we’re up to. So that’s it – my first week is over in a flash! I’ve had a fab week meeting everyone, learning the ins and outs of a new company and getting stuck into design briefs.

Keep checking the blog for more content produced by Megan very soon…