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The Wrap Up - 10th March

Thursday, 9 March, 2017

Two Wrap Up's in two weeks, oh we do spoil you.... Keep reading to learn what's been happening in the world of BOF this week....


"Making your work routine healthier" a guest blog entry by SBSeating.

This week we're delighted to present you with yet another guest article on the BOF blog. SBSeating have provided you all with a really insightful article on workplace well-being including some simple tips to make your working day a healthy one. Visit the link below to check it out!

Please click here for the full article.


Life through a lens...

Our Design & Marketing team could not be more excited. We're quite literally awaiting the postman to deliver our new photography and video equipment. Expect a LOT more video case studies coming your way very soon!


All in Standing Order...

Our signature ranges of Sit-to-Stand desking have always been featured in our main working office, with other departments following suit very quickly. Our Accounts Department were keen to adopt this new way of working in our first floor showroom. "Ask and you shall receive" as they say... Check out our happy workers in their new environment! For more information on our Sit-to-Stand desking check out the links below... (P.S. sorry for the terrible pun)

Our first year of Sit-to-Stand working.

E-Bench Desking.


We're preparing for Summer...

Our dedicated Capital Projects team have been very busy this week all over the UK preparing for our summer installs. Planning and site surveys are currently being completed for summer projects in Southampton, Bristol, Bournemouth, Nottingham and Birmingham. We can't say too much right now, but expect to see more from these projects in the blog soon!

For more information on our Capital Projects team, please click here.

As always, thanks for reading! If you need any more info on any of the topics above, please drop an email to or leave a comment below...

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